Capture those special moments forever!

Family Photos

Meet some of my favorite people here on earth!!  Oh how I love this sweet Family.  The Marshall/White family moved in next door to our old neighborhood almost 10 years ago now.  When our old neighbors moved out, we were crushed, we didn’t know who could possibly move in and would they be as wonderful as our last.  Well…God heard our prayers because he sent us the MOST amazing family ever!  Three generations of beautiful ladies!  Although they were new to the neighborhood, they quickly came to our door to say hello and introduce themselves and us know they were moving in.  We could not have been more blessed!  “Miss Marie” as we affectionately called grandma, was as spicy as they come!  She immediately found a place in our hearts and became our grandma next door.  

Miss Joann and her beautiful daughter LaQuita were part of our family as well.  These three ladies have found a place in our hearts and family.  When we moved away last year, we were heartbroken to leave our neighborhood family behind.  So when LaQuita messaged me and asked if we could have a photo shoot, I was over the moon to be able to capture three generations of the most amazing ladies that I love so much!  I don’t get to see them often enough, but they are forever in my thoughts and prayers.  This is why I do what I do…to capture those special moments forever!