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LA Photographer Liz Gray

A Little About Liz Gray

Liz Gray Photography captures life. Delighting in the details, Liz takes immeasurable care to show the most pure moments or your most special days. She will make you feel both extremely at ease and supremely comfortable that your memories are in the hands of a professional.

Liz grew up in a small city right outside of Los Angeles. Liz married her high school sweetheart in her early 20’s, began her career as an elementary school teacher, had two amazing children, and then decided it was time to live her dream. In 2012 Liz launched her photography business with her husband, Brian. Today Liz Gray Photography is thriving and has surpassed her wildest dreams.

Selected Works

Some of My Favorites

Baby Photo

Adriel’s Birth

I usually get to photograph newborns when they are just a few days old. It never gets old. The sweet smell of a new baby, the heartfelt cry, the warmth of their tiny bodies, they are just perfect.  But it is not everyday that I get to photograph the baby being born.  I was so honored to asked to photograph the birth of my dear friends’ first child.  Both parents were nervous, everyone was ready in our scrubs, all the beeping machines, doctors talking, lots of stuff going on, even my heart was beating with excitement. But it seemed the minute Adriel came into the world, he cried and once he was placed with mommy, time froze for just a few seconds. It was the most perfect moment in time!

Wedding Photo

Weddings in Malibu

One of the most beautiful weddings I have had the pleasure of capturing was in Malibu. Every detail of this wedding was on point. The bride was stunning, the flowers were perfect, the dresses were extraordinary, the groomsmen were dapper. From the moment I met the bride and groom, I knew we were going to have fun together! An affair to remember.