What should we wear for pictures?

Family Photos
I often get asked “what should we wear for pictures?” Long gone are the days days of blue jeans and white t-shirts. Now days, your pictures need to “pop”, you want to make a statement. Here is my advice when feeling out what you should wear for your photo shoot. First, remember these pictures are forever! If they are going on your wall, you want to stay away from “holiday” clothing, that will “date” your picture. A red Christmas dress doesn’t look so wonderful when its on your wall on during the spring time. Wear colors that will go with your “decor” all year long. Second, if mom doesn’t like the way she looks, then mom isn’t going to be happy, no matter how wonderful everyone else looks. Mom is the center of attention, even if she doesn’t feel comfortable with that thought. I always say that mom should have a “pop” to her look, a vibrant necklace, a blouse that shows vibrantly on the pictures, and definitely not match-match with anyone else. Lastly, dress comfortably! If the kids can’t stand what they are wearing, it will show in their faces and they won’t be happy. This includes dad! Dads usually aren’t the ones booking the photo session and are kindly obliging to their wives request, so the smoother the session goes, the happier dad is. Keep the session fun and light! If the kids are having fun and the family is having fun, then everyone is happy and you have the most fabulous photos!