My very first clients ever

Family Photos

Meet Beverly and Anthony!  It was 4 years ago that I took the plunge and decided to start my own photography business.  I was scared, nervous and totally feeling incompetent.  I mean really??? Who was I???  There were thousands of amazing photographers in the world who went to school for years and years and had been doing photographer for as long as I have been alive and here I was trying to turn my passion and hobby into a business??  Well…that’s where Beverly and Anthony come into the picture.  They were my very first “clients” ever.    It was a free session, I didn’t feel comfortable charging anyone or even doing it at all.  Bless my husband who had faith in me from the very beginning and told his boss at the time, Beverly, that his wife was starting a new business, she should come take photos with me.  WHAT??  I was shaking in my boots.  I was so scared at that  time, I even had a friend go with me and we both photographed them and figured we to get at least one good photo right??

We got more then one, we got quite a few.  To this day, that first session is dear to my heart and still some of my favorite photos. But now here were are, four years later and I get to capture this amazing mother and son again.  Thankfully my skills have gotten better and I’m not so nervous anymore about whether I can capture at least one good photo, but now an entire gallery that will have them smiling for years. I still get nervous when I go on a shoot, but I think that’s a good thing!  I want only the best for my clients, I want them to feel they had the best photographer and I want them to walk away loving our experience.  I truly do have the best job in the world.