Favorite things to photograph

Baby Photos

One of my favorite things to photograph are newborns!  Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing families, weddings, children, but newborns…well there is something extra special about them!  When I get to photograph a newborn, I want it to be perfect for their parents, after all these are the photos that they will have forever of their baby the first week of their life.

But when I get to hold these sweet newborns, there is something so special about it that its hard to put into words.  I take a hold of these new angels, I hold them tight, I cuddle with them, I can smell their sweet “newness” and I always say a sweet little prayer for them.  Many times, I have found myself having to hold back my tears so that my clients don’t think they’ve hired a crazy lady.  🙂  But I pray over them and their life, I pray that they will be healthy, that they will grow to their fullest potential, that they will do God’s will here on earth and that their parents will be blessed by them.  I know, I’m just suppose to be taking their pictures, but there is more to it then that.  I’ve been called “the baby whisperer”, but really I am just connecting with these little angels and letting them know they are loved!

Newborns means new beginnings and new hope!  What is there not to love about all of that and ten perfect little toes and fingers.  They won’t be little forever, these moments are priceless.