Every day is a gift

Family Photos

Meet the Haag family!  This gorgeous family is picture perfect! I love doing family portrait session, mainly because I love families! Ha!  I love being able to capture a family together, in the moments when they are looking at the camera and also when they are just being goofy and silly together.  I don’t think I have any picture of my parents and siblings all together.  That’s so sad to say, but again, it’s one of the reasons I became a photographer.  So often I hear a mom tell me, “I want to take family pictures, but I need to loose 15 pounds before I do.”  What?? I say that’s just plain silly!  You are here now, you are alive, you are beautiful, you are exactly how your children will remember you now.  Every day is a gift, don’t wait until you think you look good enough.  When you are long gone, your children will not remember the size you were, the outfit you were in, what shoes you put on, they will remember that sweet time they had with you.  They will forever remember and cherish those beautiful photos of you together.  So moms and dads, get in front of the camera, make those memories now and cherish them forever!  These beautiful children will do just that, grateful the Haag family does just that!